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Intelligent real-time energy management app for homes and small businesses.
Real power savings
Discover easy to understand methods to achieve real power savings. From circuit-level monitoring to data-powered tips, use only the energy you need and save money.
Stay ahead of your electricity bill
Don’t wait till the end of the month to solve your power usage. Get ahead of your provider, compare rates and find a better energy solution for your home in minutes.
Smarter energy use
Take control of your energy consumption through the power of data. Track your energy usage in real-time to achieve real-world improvements.
Track. Predict. Learn. Achieve.
Don’t just see your energy consumption; learn to understand it, forecast it, and achieve more significant energy savings. With the MyEnergy app, see what’s happening in your home right now. Receive real-time updates on what you're using and how much you're getting from the grid.

Not much of an energy guru? We’ll take it from here with data-powered tips to achieve savings on electricity prices. We’ll help you answer the all-important question, “How can I reduce my energy consumptions and cost.” More importantly, how much more value will you get from your energy usage with the MyEnergy app?

Simply upload an energy bill to compare your rates, and when a better deal is available, you can switch to a new plan and change providers right in the MyEnergy app.
See what is happening in your home right now, yesterday, or view your entire history over days, weeks and months. Track your power usage in real-time. Got solar? You can also visualise the transfer of power from your panels to the grid.
Notice an energy spike? Planning an energy 'diet' for your home? Pinpoint where you can get the most benefit by reducing the energy usage of your most power-hungry appliances and devices.
Say goodbye to bill shock. Become a proactive energy user through easy to understand forecasting based on your power consumption over time and changing seasons.
Want a better deal? Upload your power bill, and we’ll show you the best energy plans and deals so you can save money on electricity without ever leaving the app.
devices installed throughout Australia
How it works
UNSW are offering $170 worth of value for taking part in groundbreaking research to help create a more efficient and sustainable energy system. This is just one of the many apps, services, and offers that you can take advantage of through the Marketplace feature of the MyEnergy app.
Earn rewards and benefits for sharing your energy data
Includes Wattwatchers Auditor 6M 4G device with MyEnergy app, including 3 years service.
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How consumers, communities, businesses and researchers are using Wattwatchers
The Queensland Government has required installation of Wattwatchers for remote measurement and verification of major energy upgrades, including solar. Our devices are currently being rolled out to over 800 schools through the $92 million Advancing Clean Energy Schools (ACES) program.
Queensland Schools
Blue Mountains all-electric homeowner Kristian Jackson needed to know what appliances were driving his outsized winter power bills before investing $15,000 on a new rooftop solar system. The Wattwatchers MyEnergy app pinpointed his air-conditioning system, running in heating mode in winter, as the key culprit.
Blue Mountains
When Noosa Lakes Resort strata community invested in solar to make over 70 households 120% renewable for electricity, its solution designers selected Wattwatchers to both monitor and verify performance and also to provide data for billing each of the individual homes.
Noosa Lakes Resort
Historic timber town Heyfield, in Victoria's East Gippsland region, is installing Wattwatchers at about 100 homes, businesses and schools to accurately profile local electricity use on its government grant-funded journey to discover if a community microgrid can be a viable part of its energy future.
Your data, your call.
Wattwatchers is committed to upholding strong, consumer-friendly data rights, and empowering the users of our services to better manage and execute these rights.

We know it is critical that your data is treated securely and with respect. We apply these core principles to how we do things:
You control your energy data
Your personal data is always treated in accordance with Australian privacy law
All other data is used for the purpose for which it was collected only
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Wattwatchers is a homegrown Australian technology company from Sydney empowering electricity consumers with data and control through the internet. Founded in 2007, we’ve been working on electricity for well over a decade. With over 50,000+ devices throughout Australia and 20+ other countries, you could say we’ve got an eye on the energy market.

Our investors include the Australian Government’s $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). Our $9 million My Energy Marketplace (MEM) project is supported by grant funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). In 2016, we received the New Energy Award in the Australian Technologies Competition.
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