Smart energy management for rental accommodation
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Managing a rental accommodation is full of challenges, where expenses can quickly rise alongside stress.

As power prices soar, energy costs pressure your profitability, reducing your return.

Smart energy management returns control to the user through energy visibility and power usage awareness.

Install our device, use our app and supporting software to calculate consumption, allocate costs, control up to three circuits, and ensure power isn't wasted when unoccupied.

Access complete energy awareness and regain control over your accommodation properties with Conexie, powered by Wattwatchers digital energy technology. Discover our rental package below.
You can’t manage what you can’t measure
Regain control over your accommodation property through remote control monitoring for up to three electrical appliances that you can turn off and on anywhere you have an internet connection. Stop wasting energy with the click of a button; it’s good for the planet.
Remote switching saves energy, effort & emissions
Remotely manage your electricity use and access your data for better allocation and management of power-related costs.
Granular data for cost management
Electricity in real-time means no surprises around bill time. Data accumulates 24/7, 365 days a year, revealing trends and insights that you can action to save energy and money, all while limiting your carbon footprint.
Monitoring energy enables visibility
Why Choose Conexie?
Key Features & Benefits
Detailed metering of up to 6 circuits
Energy Monitoring
With the ability to turn off when property is vacant and back on when the property is going to be occupied
Optional upgrade to
include remotely controlling up to 3 circuits
Load Switching
Improve visibility and understanding of your energy consumption
Understand how solar would reduce your usage
Solar Potential
Ensure your system is
working effectively
Solar System Check
See all of your sites in our Fleet Administration dashboard
Manage Multiple Sites
Planned Future Updates
QR Codes
Share consumption details by QR code for guest’s awareness
Fair-Use Policy
Manage a fair-use policy based on average data
Alerts for excessive use, appliance status etc.
How it works
50,000 +
devices installed throughout Australia
Access valuable information across your entire power usage history, forecast power usage and determine solar generation (if installed) at your property in real-time. Use the data to uncover poor-performing appliances, and make upgrades where necessary.
Turn off your most power-hungry appliances from anywhere you have an internet connection. Remotely control up to three circuits and reduce unnecessary power consumption.
+ Control
Become a responsible energy consumer with real-time updates that identify beneficial opportunities to reduce energy usage and limit inefficient or wasteful power consumption.
+ Accountability
Visualising your electricity usage gives you a comprehensive breakdown that you can use to reign in your expenses, manage your carbon footprint, eliminate waste and improve power efficiencies in your property for both you and your tenants.
= Savings
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Packages from $549.00
Includes Wattwatchers Auditor 6M 4G device with MyEnergy and Conexie app (does not include installation)
Accommodation Manager package
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Use the mobile to track and manage your energy usage and set alerts
Use the mobile app
Have your electrician do the simple install using the Wattwatchers onboarding app
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Package Options & Price Breakdown
Monitoring Only
Package Price
Wattwatchers Device
3 Year Subscription
Total Value
Monitoring +
1 Circuit Control
Package Price
3 Year Subscription
Total Value
Most Popular
Monitoring +
2 Circuit Control
Package Price
Wattwatchers Device
3 Year Subscription
Total Value
Monitoring +
3 Circuit Control
Package Price
Wattwatchers Device
3 Year Subscription
Total Value
Wattwatchers Device
Your data, your call.
We ask your permission to collect, use, and share your energy and related data to provide the benefits of the app and related services to you.

We know it is critical that your data is treated securely and with respect. We apply these core principles to how we do things:
You control your energy data
Your personal data is always treated in accordance with Australian privacy law
All other data is used for the purpose for which it was collected only
Where is my information being stored?
Your data will be securely held in Australia
What if I don’t want this service anymore?
We'd hate to see you go, but you can opt out at any time.
Will Wattwatchers work with my energy provider?
Yes, the Wattwatchers device and app are independent of your energy retailer and network providers.
What are the other terms and conditions?
Please see the full terms and conditions at
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